The Program Learning Outcomes (PLO’s) of the program “Bachelor of Business Administration in International Business” has been approved by the academic council which was held on August 2023″.

There are eight (7) PLOs and they are;

Bachelor of Business Administration

(International Program)

International College


Program Learning Outcome (PLO)

PLO1: Communication – demonstrate effective communication skills both orally and in writing to express concepts, ideas, and analysis using appropriate tools

PLO 2: Analytical Skills – develop analytical skills by using data and information and solve business problems for decision-making and forecasting

PLO 3: Innovative Leadership – use appropriate leadership skills and styles in organizations, solve and provide innovative solutions by leading teams.

PLO 4: Digital and Technological skills – apply appropriate digital and technology tools to solve business problems and challenges and increase efficiency.

PLO 5: Global Perspective on Business – develop competencies to understand the dynamics, challenges, and benefits of diversity and inclusion in business.

PLO 6: Environment and Sustainability – demonstrate knowledge on creating environmentally friendly eco-products and services and promote sustainable business and SDGs.

PLO 7: Entrepreneurship – create start-ups using skills to design innovative products and services for start-up business